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How to make a Facebook poll

Facebook is the latest social media platform to introduce polling into its feed. Though users could simply post a Facebook status, tweet or Instagram story asking a question that their followers could reply to, polling is an easier means to discovering what their followers prefer. Twitter and Instagram paved the way with the introduction of polling as a means for users to learn what their followers favoured between any two topics. Now, Facebook members can also use polls to discover whether [...]

The best USB-C cables for charging and syncing

OK we admit it – cables are dull. Whole articles on them are perhaps even more so. But bear with us, because when it comes to USB-C it’s important to invest in the best possible cables or risk damaging your expensive new equipment. USB-C is emerging as a universal charging and syncing port on electronic devices. This is good because it means that already people can take just one charger on the road for both their phone and laptop. While [...]

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth DLC release date, beta & gameplay news

BlizzCon 2017 was as popular as ever, and Blizzard’s opening ceremony didn’t disappoint either. The company announced a flurry of updates to its roster of games, including a new Overwatch character and the introduction of World of Warcraft Classic, but the biggest news was the introduction of the seventh World of Warcraft DLC: Battle for Azeroth. Here, we discuss everything we know so far about World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth DLC including a possible release date, beta information and [...]

Google Pixelbook review

But this time it’s a heck of a lot more versatile. It's designed much like Lenovo's Yoga Book, so you can use it like a normal laptop or fold the screen right back and use it like a tablet. Or you can prop it up in 'tent' mode when you want to watch a film.It runs Chrome OS, but it isn’t just a fancy, overpriced Chromebook. At least that’s what Google wants you to think. The company says that [...]

Tech Advisor January 2018 Digital Edition

In the January issue This issue, we’ve an in-depth review of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and explain how to get your hands on it. We’ve also the best free software for your PC – a mixture of must-haves and auxiliary apps – plus, we’ve reviews of the latest smartphones, including Google’s Pixel 2 XL, Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handsets, and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2, as well as the Asus ZenBook Flip S UX370UA laptop and Google [...]

Need for Speed Payback review

The beloved driving series Need for Speed is back after a year off with Payback, It's a new adventure which adds Hollywood action sequences into the mix. It’s open world, but introduces something fans haven't seen before in NFS: off-road driving.We've been playing the Xbox One version of the game, and you can consider this our review in progress: we haven't completed the game but we've played enough to get a very good idea of whether you're going to [...]

Call of Duty WW2 review

While last year’s Call of Duty had soldiers in space, Call of Duty WW2 looks to take the series back to its roots with gritty, intense gunplay. The online multiplayer has also been revamped, and the new Nazi Zombies mode adds a spin on the CoD classic. While Activision promises a lot with the game, is Call of Duty WW2 good enough to become one of the best PS4 games of the year? We find out.Call of Duty WW2: [...]

Moto Z2 Force review

Moto says you can’t smash the screen of the Z2 Force. I’ve dropped it a few times, a few definitely on purpose and the thing is still intact. Knowing you can’t smash your phone screen is a great thing.I snapped a battery mod on the back of it and it lasted for well over two days of use away from a plug. I took 360 photos with the awesome 360 camera mod. I gamed on the train with the [...]

Best tech gifts under £10

The Holiday season can be hectic when trying to find the time - and money - to buy your loved ones a tech gift they’ll actually enjoy using. Perhaps you’re running on a low budget while simultaneously looking to impress your tech-savvy friend, family member or coworker with a new gadget. From wireless headphones, latte-makers and interactive toys, our round-up includes ten fun, practical and inexpensive Secret Santa ideas that won’t disappoint your gift-receiver - or your wallet. Bluetooth Headphones [...]

Xiaomi Mi A1 review

We've been singing Xiaomi's praises for like forever*. The Chinese company makes really good-quality smartphones at crazy low prices, with hardware as good as those we find on the UK High Street. The catch: MIUI.The custom operating system Xiaomi phones run is excellent, but a real departure from the standard Android we know and love. As is usually the case with things we don't know or understand, we don't appreciate MIUI's finer points. Also see: Best mid-range phones Typically, depending on which model [...]