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Football Manager 2018 news: release date, price and gameplay

There’s nothing like pulling the cellophane off the latest Football Manager game, powering up the laptop and sinking into your favourite chair for the next six months. Whether you try and take on the world with Manchester City or attempt to get Curzon Ashton into the Football League, there’s a near endless sea of choice, tactics and despair in Football Manager. As well as the full desktop and laptop experience, Football Manager has successfully ported into Football Manager Touch and [...]

The best Black Friday smart home deals

Smart home tech is getting bigger and bigger every year. What started out as just turning on your lights from an app has extended to smart heating, security, and even kitchens, while virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Siri are now trying to work their way into every room in your home. Still, replacing every appliance you own with a smart version could quickly get very expensive, so it's no surprise that all eyes are on Black Friday for the [...]

Asus Lyra review

 Asus Lyra Asus is best known for its laptops, motherboards and graphics cards, but the company also produces a variety of peripherals and accessories, including an extensive range of routers and Wi-Fi adapters. The latest addition to that range is the Lyra, a mesh networking system designed to provide wider and more reliable Wi-Fi coverage for homes where a single, conventional router might struggle to reach rooms on upper or lower floors, or to extend out into a garden. Like most of [...]

PS4 Pro review

Sony’s high-end PS4 Pro has been available to buy in the UK for a year now, providing PS4 gamers with a high-end console experience. But what makes the PlayStation 4 Pro so special, and why is it more expensive than the standard console?As well as providing enhanced graphics for supported games, the console was the first on the market to offer 4K gameplay - although it has now been joined by Microsoft's 4K-enabled Xbox One X. It also improves the PlayStation [...]

Nokia 8 review

Nokia's range of 2017 phones has impressed, so can it continue with the flagship Nokia 8 that offers top-end specs for a lower price than rivals? Here's our full Nokia 8 review.Nokia 8 Price In a similar vein to OnePlus, one of the big advantages with these new Nokia phones (made by HMD) is that they are a decent chunk cheaper than rival phones in the same category. For the Nokia 8, you can get one outright for just £499 which [...]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro review

Xiaomi's Mi Notebook Pro is a gorgeous laptop with a MacBook-inspired design, very good performance and an appealing sub-£1,000 price tag. It has one major drawback for UK users: it runs Chinese Windows 10.If you want a laptop that you can take out the box and immediately begin using, stop reading now. This isn't the laptop for you.  If you are prepared to put in some effort in configuration, the Mi Notebook Pro offers a very good return. Please continue reading. Also see: [...]

How to use Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights

Nvidia has offered extra capture functionality for users of Nvidia GPUs for some time, thanks to GeForce Experience. It allows you to easily capture screenshots and gameplay with the touch of a button – and now it’s easier than ever, thanks to the introduction of ShadowPlay Highlights. ShadowPlay Highlights will automatically capture anything worthy of sharing with friends, from killstreaks to achievements and more. So, how do you use Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights? Sit tight and read on. What is Nvidia ShadowPlay [...]

What graphics card, processor and RAM does my PC have?

There are many good reasons to want to know the specification of your PC or laptop. Perhaps it is running slowly and you're wondering if an upgrade is appropriate. You may be looking to buy or sell a laptop, or see if your computer is up to running a specific program or game. Regardless, once you have thrown away the box in which your PC or laptop arrived it can be difficult to glean the exact spec. Some PCs and laptops [...]

How to avoid the Netflix email scam

If you recently received an email from Netflix asking you to update your subscription information, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re one of the millions of Netflix members being targeted in a new email scam. What is the Netflix email scam? On 3 November, Australian cybersecurity firm MailGuard detected a malicious scam in which Netflix subscribers were receiving emails threatening to suspend their accounts if they did not update billing information. The worst part? According to MailGuard, the emails were extremely well-designed [...]

How to use Facebook Messenger Lite to save data

Facebook Messenger is an ever-evolving app that keep getting new features all the time. For some, this is a positive, but to others the bloated nature of the app makes it cumbersome and potentially more data-hungry than they’d like. Android phone users now have another choice, in the shape of Facebook Messenger Lite, a stripped-down version that was originally designed for the developing world. The limitations imposed by those regions makes a big difference, as it requires designers to consider data plans [...]