Computers and Accessories

Desktops are not as good as 4-5 years ago, but if you need high performance and a stable running environment, most people are still getting the good old PC! Nowadays, the prices of desktop components are lower in the market, and due to the technology maturity, the higher quality hardware has an extremely long lasting durability! The average shelf life of a PC today is over 8 years. In addition, as technical progress has slowed down in this segment, today’s top-rated PC will be even top-rated in 2-3 years! By comparing this with the tablet market, you can see immediately that a tablet can keep its top-ranked location for up to 1 year, based on its technical parameters! Choose from top-of-the-line configurations, standing and lying married, mini barebones, gamer PCs, as All-In-One packs with monitors, keyboards and mice from well-known manufacturers such as Asrock, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, Lenovo, or MSI! At the best price!