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Best Black Friday antivirus deals 2017

Antivirus is one of those necessities that you’ll hate spending money on. That’s why Black Friday is the perfect time to do so, as you’ll find absolute bargains on security software at this time of year. Here, we bring you the very best Black Friday antivirus deals and expert advice about which to go for. Similarly, VPNs are on offer right now and the savings are enormous. You can find the best VPN deals here. Best Black Friday antivirus [...]

Best Black Friday Dell deals 2017

Black Friday is here, and with it comes huge savings on Dell products. You’ll find discounts on everything from PCs and laptops to monitors and servers. Here, we bring you the very best of Dell’s deals this Black Friday, and offer some tips to help you save the most money. Best Dell deals available right now Today, Dell is offering plenty of disounts that you can take advantage of, the best of which you can browse below. [...]

Amazon Echo Show review

Amazon’s Echo range has gone from strength to strength since it was introduced in the UK back in 2017, boasting integration with a wide range of smart home products and a growing library of skills. The company recently strengthened the line-up with the introduction of the all-new Echo Show alongside the Echo Plus and second-generation Echo and Echo Dot devices, the first Echo device to boast a 7in display.The display provides an entirely new way to interact with Alexa, [...]

HP 250 G5 review

Compared to some of the colourful and stylish budget laptops around, the HP 250 G5 is a plain-looking laptop with no fancy design features, and a style that positively wants to be ignored. See also: Best budget laptopsBlack Friday Deal Alert: HP 250 G5 is reduced by £100 at eBuyer! It's one of the cheapest laptops you’ll find to use an Intel Core-series processor, instantly solving many of the most serious day-to-day problems you’ll run into using a cheap computer. If [...]

Nest thermostat review (3rd gen)

Smart thermostats let you control your heating from your phone, and usually have intelligent features to heat your home more efficiently and save money. We've reviewed Hive Active Heating as well as plenty of other so read the Best smart thermostats to buy right now.  Here we take a look at the 3rd-gen Nest Thermostat but we've reviewed the Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, and the Nest Cam separately.Black Friday Deal Alert: Nest Learning Thermostat is £70 off [...]

Ring Smart Doorbell review

Smart home security systems are becoming more and more popular in the UK with the likes of MyFox, Netgear and Piper all releasing smart security cameras that can be accessed via smartphones and computers. But what about the front door?Black Friday Deal Alert: The original Ring Doorbell is now just £99 at Argos! While smart doorbells are relatively new in the UK, US residents have been using them for a while and Ring is one of the more popular options. Now available [...]

Sea of Thieves release date, early access, gameplay, price & platforms

At E3 2016 Microsoft announced a flurry of new releases including Sea of Thieves, the multiplayer action-packed pirate game, exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox One. The game will be playable through Xbox Play Anywhere, allowing you to play on both PC and console. Coming from legendary developer Rare, Sea of Thieves is one of our most anticipated releases right now and we have high hopes that it will end up one of the best games on the Xbox [...]

Hive Active Heating 2 review with multizone

Hive, Nest and others have been putting a lot of energy into a heated battle in the smart thermostat arena. We’ve already reviewed Nest, Tado, Netatmo, Devolo, Heat Genius and Honeywell EvoHome. Here we look at the latest iteration of Hive Active Heating 2 with support for multizone. See also: Best smart thermostats.Black Friday Deal Alert: Hive Active Thermostat is reduced to just £119 over at Argos! Historically thermostats were small, uninspiring boxes installed by a plumber, set to 21 [...]

Gwent news: release date, beta, platforms, gameplay, and trailers

One of the best surprises about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the inclusion of a surprisingly deep tactical card game: Gwent. The game proved such a big hat with fans that developer Cd Project Red has decided to release an expanded version of Gwent as a standalone, free-to-play game, due later in 2017.  The public beta is now running, meaning you can try the game out for yourself right now. Here's everything we know so far about the [...]

iPhone SE2 release date rumours

The iPhone SE went on sale on 31 March 2016, and since the iPhone 7's launch last year it has been the only 4in iPhone you can buy new direct from Apple. Sources have previously suggested that there will be no iPhone SE2, especially after Apple upgraded the storage on its original SE earlier this year. But now a new report from Tekz24 suggests a new model is in the works after all, while Economic Daily News suggests it [...]