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The best power banks for Nintendo Switch 2017

Your buying guide to the best Nintendo Switch power banks in 2017 If you've bought a Nintendo Switch, by lunchtime it could be out of power. That doesn't sound good, right? According to Nintendo, the Switch’s 4,310mAh battery can handle between 2.5- and six hours of untethered gameplay, but that all depends on the game you play. In our experience with the likes of Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey, we’ve been getting around three hours - and that's not enough. So what can [...]

Roku Express (2017) review

Roku Express (2017) review At £29 Roku Express is in a similar league to devices such as the Chromecast and Amazon FireTV Stick, allowing you to add smart functionality to your otherwise 'dumb' TV. It's also the cheapest Roku we've seen to date, which should make it attractive to those wanting to enjoy video streaming at home for the first time. You can buy the Roku Express for £29.99 from a number of outlets including Argos and Currys. What is Roku Express? Though you will [...]

Best external hard drive for PS4

With ballooning game install sizes, storage space is at a premium this console generation. The 500GB or 1TB hard drive that comes as standard in the various PlayStation 4 models may seem like plenty at first, but it fills up quickly. Even upgrading that hard drive is only a temporary fix - the console only supports drives up to 2TB, a limit plenty of players are likely to hit long before the PS5 comes out.  There's good news though. PS4 [...]

BlackBerry Motion review

BlackBerry continues to morph into its true second phase in 2017. The KeyOne was a minor success in tech circles, with people enjoying the classic aesthetic, physical keyboard and up to date Android experience.The BlackBerry Motion continues that revival as part of BlackBerry Mobile’s licensing deal with TCL. The former markets, the latter manufactures. On this evidence, it is doing a pretty great job. The Motion is a solid, austere slab of smartphone at an affordable price point, but when [...]

Monqi Kids Smartphone review

Giving your child their first mobile phone is something of a rite of passage these days. Usually this might be when they start travelling to school by themselves, or exploring the initial steps of independence, none of which is easy on the hearts of parents.You might consider buying a budget phone as there are plenty of options, but there is a specially designed smartphone that's worthy of attention. Monqi aims to ease youngsters into the world of smartphones with a [...]

OnePlus 5T vs iPhone 8

OnePlus has built a solid reputation for top quality smartphones at sensible prices. Its latest model is the OnePlus 5T, which looks set to continue the trend set by its predecessors. But, how does it compare to the iPhone 8, another handset that is certain to be in demand this winter? We take a look.Price OnePlus is known for customer-friendly prices, and the 5T is not about to blot the copybook is this department. At £449 for the 64GB version [...]

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G review

Featuring Msi’s well-established dual-fan ‘TwinFrozr VI’ cooler and a custom-designed logic board, the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G differs significantly from Nvidia’s reference or ‘Founders Edition’ design, delivering extra performance and quiet, or even silent, operation. It has bags of potential, but you’ll have to overclock it yourself to get the best out of it.HOW MUCH DOES THE GTX 1070 TI COST? Obviously, we're reviewing the MSI version here, but Nvidia's own card - the 1070 Ti Founders [...]

Best TV 2017 UK

If you're after a new TV and you want the best there is, you've come to the right place. Below we list the very best TVs - including 4K and HDR models - available to buy in the UK right now. Also see: Best TV Deals We've tested and rated specific models, but other sizes are available in all ranges, so if one is slightly out of your price range or you just don't want such a large one, then our [...]

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S comparison review

The PS4 Pro has been out for a year, and many people still are wondering what the differences are between it and Microsoft's Xbox One S. Here, we take an in-depth look at both consoles and discuss not only design and build, but what each offers and how this may impact your decision.Also see: Best Games Deals PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S comparison review: UK pricing and availability Before we go any further, let’s first talk about pricing and availability. The PlayStation 4 [...]

Nintendo Switch review

After months of waiting, the Nintendo Switch is finally here, boasting a hybrid design that’ll provide both console gaming and on-the-go gaming with a single console. Is Nintendo’s upcoming console something you should get excited about, or is it full of gimmicks? We've spent a couple of weeks playing with the Switch to find out. Here’s our Nintendo Switch review.Nintendo Switch: UK pricing and availability The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over six months now, but still costs the [...]