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What is fake news?

What is fake news? Well, unlike satirical sites such as The Poke and The Onion, which don't fall into this category, fake news websites intentionally publish fraudulent, hoax or factually inaccurate news stories. They will also plagiarise legitimate news stories from other sites, but change the headlines to something more sensationalist in order to draw in readers. See also: How to avoid being scammed in the UKA lot of the discussion is based around Facebook as a platform used [...]

Best pet tech for 2017

As humans, we are constantly developing technology not only for ourselves but for also for our furry friends. With plenty of pet owners here at Tech Advisor, we know the attachment one can have towards their pet, (but we wouldn't have it any other way).Essentially it’s often like looking after a child, with them needing food, water, exercise, love and attention. And just as we worry about our offspring, so do owners for their pets. But we are here [...]

How to stop buffering on Kodi

Kodi, the open source media player, is the go-to in 2017 for all streaming needs. It provides you with an easy way to stream music, photos and videos from your PC, Mac or NAS drive, along with the ability to stream videos online. While Kodi is available on a number of different devices, they all have one common issue: buffering.Buffering is a streamer’s achilles heel. The one weakness in an otherwise flawless setup. The arrow to the knee. However, [...]