iPad Pro 10.5 News: Release date, price and specs

As predicted, Apple announced new iPad Pro models at WWDC 2017 including a 10.5in size which is sure to be one of the best tablets of the year. Here we take a look at the iPad Pro 10.5 release date, price and specs."These are by far the most powerful iPads we’ve ever created with the world’s most advanced displays featuring ProMotion, the powerful new A10X Fusion chip and the advanced camera system of iPhone 7," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president [...]

New iMac 2017 News: Release date, price and specs

Now that Intel has launched its Kaby Lake processors, it's no surprise that Apple has updated its hardware range with the new chips and much more. Here we look at the iMac 2017 range including release date, prices and specs."With major updates to iMac, and a refresh of our MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, the Mac is stronger than ever," said John Ternus, Apple's vice president of Hardware Engineering. When is the 2017 iMac release date? New iMac 2017 release date: 5 June Instead of launching [...]

How to watch WWDC 2017 live video stream & live blog

Apple’s worldwide developer conference, or WWDC for short, is back again and the company is preparing to share what it has been working on for the past few months. We expect to get our first glimpse at iOS 11 and macOS 10.13, although recent reports suggest we could also see some new hardware. See also: iPhone 8 news.While it sounds exciting, you will not know that you can tune in and watch Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcement live – here’s [...]

Huawei MateBook E review

With Microsoft finally succeeding in the hardware space with the Surface Pro, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for another manufacturer to step and challenge that company’s dominance in the 2-in-1 market. Apple’s iPad Pro aside, it’s great to see Huawei improve 2016’s MateBook with its new MateBook E, part of an expanded MateBook line that also includes the X ultrabook and D laptop.Huawei has made remarkable gains on its competitors in the smartphone market and its continued [...]

How to keep children safe on the internet

Much of the internet is a fabulous resource for kids, whether it's Wikipedia for helping with homework, online games, social networks, videos, music and more. However, there are an equal number of websites that you wouldn’t want them going anywhere near. Read: Best Anti-Virus 2017. It's Child Safety Week 2017 (5-11 June) so now is a great time to get advice on how to protect your children when they use gadgets and the internet. One of the greatest challenges facing parents [...]

Middle-earth Shadow of War latest rumours – release date, UK price & trailers

There’s good news for Tolkienistas, because Warner Bros. has confirmed that it’s working on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, a sequel to the 2014 hit Shadow of Mordor. Like that game, it’s set in the Lord of the Rings universe as inspired by Peter Jackson’s films, and will once again see you tasked with thinning the ranks of Sauron’s forces. Read next: Best upcoming gamesShadow of War was revealed in February 2017 with a cinematic announcement trailer that shows off the [...]

Best charging cables 2017 UK

RRP: £24.99, US$20 One of the most annoying things about cables is that seemingly every device requires a different one – and, significantly, not the one that you have in your hand. iPhones need Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable, Android phones and other devices might use a MicroUSB or some other cable with a weird-shaped connector. Every single Fitbit activity tracker has a different charging cable. How annoying is that? We are rather fond of two charging cables from Tylt, which also makes [...]

iPhone 7 review

Launching a phone that looks exactly like the last two is perhaps not the best way to get buyers excited, but Apple has made a few significant upgrades to the iPhone 7 which should appeal. But is it enough? Let's find out. If you're unsure of the differences, see our iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus comparison.iPhone 7: (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition On 21 March, Apple announced a new model of the iPhone 7 to tickle your interest. The (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition is, [...]

New MacBook Pro 2017 latest rumours – release date, UK price and specs

When Apple announced its MacBook Pro with Touchbar in October 2016, it decided not to wait for the new generation of Intel Kaby Lake or AMD Ryzen processors to arrive. It seemed a crazy decision - to launch its most powerful portable Mac without the most powerful processor - so we were fairly certain we'd see a refreshed model at a Spring Event in late March/early April 2017. Find out what to expect at WWDC 2017. Such an event, though, has not occurred. Apple in [...]

MacOS update latest rumours – UK release date, price, features

MacOS Sierra came out over six months ago in September 2016. Apple updates its desktop operating system every year, so there's no reason that 2017 will be any different. We look at the past as well as the latest rumours to predict when you'll be able to get the next macOS update. Also see: iOS 11 latest rumoursIf you are viewing a mobile version of this page, click here to see the latest version of this story. When is the [...]