How to recover files lost in cut and paste

How to recover files lost in cut and paste

Moving files around on your computer is pretty simple but it can go awry. Here’s how to recover files lost in a cut and paste transfer.

An example problem here is moving 75GB of files from folder ‘A’ folder ‘B’. Only 25GB appears in B and the other 50GB seems to have disappeared into the ether, not even showing in A any longer. The hard drive is still showing as the same amount full rather than with 50GB more free space.

The first thing to do is avoid panicking. There may be a simple solution to the issue to try searching for the files if you can remember what they’re called.

You can also try looking in your temp folder by Start > Run > ‘%temp%’ or the files may be hidden so try Tools > Folder Options > View > and tick “Show hidden files” in Explorer to see if they reappear in the original location.

If none of this works then there are a few software programs you can download which might help.

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