Watch Nintendo Direct live video stream

Watch Nintendo Direct live video stream

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle is out but there’s plenty more coming to the Nintendo Switch and 3DS consoles this year. Find out about all the new games with the next Nintendo Direct presentation which you cant watch live here.

What is Nintendo Direct?

Ninendo Direct is the legendary Japanese gaming company’s way of communicating with both the press and fans. It’s namely for making news announcements for new games including features and release dates.

Previously, Nintendo used its Direct presentations to unveil the Nintendo Switch, as well as many of its best Nintendo Switch games and best 3DS games.

When is the next Nintendo Direct?

Following Gamescom 2017, Nintendo has got another Direct presentations for you to enjoy and looks to be a bumper episode.

The September Nintendo Direct will take place on 13 September at 11pm UK time.

Nintendo hasn’t been too specific about what will be on show other than it will be ‘nearly’ 45 minutes long and focused on what’s coming to the Switch and 3DS in the next few months.

We do know there will be new details on Super Mario Odyssey.

How to watch Nintendo Direct live

There’s no need to worry about how to watch the Nintendo Direct live presentations because we have embedded the video stream at the top of the page so come back at the right time and enjoy.

Previous Nintendo Directs

If you want to re-watch some of Nintendo’s previous Direct videos, you’ve come to the right place:

Gamescom 2017 – Mario Odyssey Luncheon Kingdom 

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Pokemon Direct

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