Huawei P11 latest rumours: Release date, UK price, design and features

Huawei P11 latest rumours: Release date, UK price, design and features

The Huawei P10 is a strong contender in a sea of 2017 flagships, but we’re already focused on the 2018 Huawei flagship, unofficially dubbed the Huawei P11. While it’s still a long way away from release, below you’ll find some of the most notable rumours about the phone so far, along with our speculation on a possible UK price and release date.

When is the Huawei P11 release date?

As was the case with the Huawei P10 earlier this year, we imagine that the Huawei P11 will be released in early 2018 with a possible Mobile World Congress reveal.

In fact, Huawei’s Vice President of Handsets Product Line Bruce Lee has already confirmed to Android Central that the company will “probably launch devices at Mobile World Congress” in future as it wants to get the devices on-sale by the Easter period in Western Europe.

MWC 2018 is due to begin on Monday 26 February 2018 and judging by 2017’s P10 announcement, we imagine the Huawei P11 will be revealed the day before the show begins, on Sunday 25 February 2018.

Of course that’s just our opinion, and we’ll update this section with more accurate information as soon as we receive it.

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How much will the Huawei P11 cost in the UK?

We’re still some way away from finding out the official price of the upcoming Huawei P11, but we can estimate a rough price range based on previous releases.

Judging by the £449 price tag of the Huawei P9 and the slightly more expensive £569 price tag of the Huawei P10, we imagine that the Huawei P11 will cost somewhere in the range of £550 and £600. While Huawei’s flagship prices were once competitive when compared to Samsung and Apple, it’s slowly changing.    

What are the rumoured new features and design?

There is very little online about the design of the Huawei P11, but we can take a look at sister company Honor’s 2017 flagship, the Honor 9, for inspiration. The 2016 Honor 8 had a very similar design and feature set to 2017’s Huawei P10, including the dual-camera setup on the rear.

With that being said, the Honor 9 is the first Honor phone to ‘do an Apple’ and remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the smartphone, suggesting that it could also be removed from next year’s Huawei P11. It’s a move that Apple has faced much criticism for, and is something that many Android manufacturers have avoided thus far.

When we hear more about the Huawei P11, we’ll be sure to update this section.

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