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How to reverse image search on Google

The pub quiz picture round is a prime example for this problem: you have an image in front of you and you need to know what it is. You could try putting descriptive terms into Google's search query field in hope of getting lucky with the image results, or a better solution would be to try searching by image rather than words. Also see: What is Google Lens?(We are not condoning cheating on pub quizzes, before anyone complains.) So let's do that. [...]

How to change Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo password

Don't wait for the next story of an email password data breach to hit the headlines. Change your email password now to stay safe. Also see: How to create a strong passwordHow to change your Gmail password • Head to • Under Sign-in & security choose ‘Signing into Google’ • Under Password & sign-in method click on Password • Log into your Google account • Enter a new password (at least eight characters), then re-enter it and click Change password How to change your [...]

100 funny things to ask Google Home and Google Assistant

Google Home is the gadget you'll want to show off, but your house guests don't want to hear a news report or the weather. Here are some funny things to ask Google Home for an entertaining response. Also see: Google Home UK review and Best Google Home tips & tricksWe've listed the responses given to us by Google Home at the time of writing, though for many of these questions there is more than one answer given. Try repeating the questions for [...]

Ark: Survival Evolved UK release date, gameplay, best mods and videos

Ark: Survival Evolved was announced back in June 2015, showcasing an open world game complete with a robust collection of dinosaurs coming to PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The graphics are extremely impressive and the gameplay is phenomenal - but we’ll get to all that.Here’s everything you need to know about Ark: Survival Evolved including its release date, platforms, gameplay information, best mods, videos and screenshots. You might also like: Most anticipated games of 2017 Ark: Survival Evolved release date [...]

DisplayPort vs HDMI

These days HDMI is everywhere and a commonly known interface in consumer electronics. DisplayPort may be used less but there are still plenty of devices with it onboard. These two video/audio standards are similar but different so we've outlined what types you can get and how they compare.Types When it comes to DisplayPort and HDMI cables and connectors, there are different types and sizes. It's not a one-size-fits-all situation. On the HDMI side of the fence, you'll find three main variations, [...]

The best soundbars for 2017: Soundbar reviews & buying advice

Soundbars give your TV audio quality that matches the picture. These long units are designed to sit below, in front or above your TV, whether it's mounted on the wall or on a stand. They contain two or more speakers, and may have a separate subwoofer that produces the lower frequency sounds. Others use clever ways to produce bass all in the one cabinet.If you're upgrading your TV as well, check out our guide to this year's best TVs. Your [...]

The best kids cars for 2017

Electric cars (for adults) are super expensive, but kids’ versions are lot more affordable. We’ve rounded up a range from the cheaper 6V models up to licenced versions with more power and more features.Your buying guide for the best kids cars Prices range from under £100 to several hundred, and it’s not simply licensing fees that make the difference. Batteries One of the biggest factors is the battery voltage. This – along with the wattage of the motor(s) - determines how powerful [...]

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

Spotify is one of the most popular and best music streaming services around but what's the difference between Spotify Free and Premium? Here we explain how they compare in price, features and audio quality. See: Best streaming music services 2017 UK. We're going to focus on the Free and Premium versions of Spotify here but it's worth noting that Spotify also offers student discount, plus a family package that costs £14.99 per month. See: Spotify alternatives. Price As the name suggests, Spotify Free is [...]

The best uninstaller programs for 2017

Modern Windows laptops, tablets and PCs fitted with SSDs can have limited storage, so it’s more important than ever to keep a clean house and remove unwanted or unused programs. Not only will this free up precious storage space, but it can make your device run faster because those programs often start up with Windows.The uninstaller provided with Windows is functional, but it can also be very slow and is somewhat lacking in features. Plus, it doesn’t always do [...]

The best wireless headphones of 2017

Your buying guide for the best wireless headphones in 2017 Being tied to a cable isn't what the modern consumer wants and with many smartphones not having a headphone jack, it might be essential. Whatever your reason for cutting the cord, here are some of the best wireless headphones you can buy. It's never been a better time to buy some wireless headphones. There are more than even on the market, with all kinds of shapes and sizes on offer. The latest [...]