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Xiaomi Electric Scooter review

Children's electric scooters have enjoyed great popularity since last Christmas; so much so us adults want a go, too. Xiaomi has the answer with its folding electric scooter, a fairly pricey toy but one that's an awful lot of fun.Also see: Best electric scooters 2017 and Best hoverboards 2017 Xiaomi Electric Scooter review: Price and UK availability The M365 isn't officially available in the UK, though you can import it from China via sites such as, from which we received [...]

New Nintendo 2DS XL review

Nintendo is sticking to its slightly odd naming system with the (deep breath) New Nintendo 2DS XL, but the name does at least make sense: this is new, it's from Nintendo, it's got 2D screens, and they're bigger than they used to be.The new console doesn't come out until late July, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on the hardware early to let you know what you think - and how to pre-order if its grabbed your [...]

Onkyo E700M review

Onkyo E700M review High-Res Audio headphones don't have to break the bank and can actually be affordable for those on a limited budget. We take a look at the stylish, comfortable and great sounding Onkyo E700M in-ear headphones in our full review. See also: Best budget headphones. Onkyo E700M Price You can get a lot of cheap in-ear headphones, often under £50 but it can be worth spending a bit more. That normally means breaching the £100 barrier but the Onkyo E700M in-ears come [...]

Acer Aspire VX 15 review

Last year, Nvidia blew the doors off gaming laptops, making its mobile graphics cards very nearly as powerful as their desktop brothers. Our quiet hope was that we’d see some fairly affordable low-end models that would make great 1080p gaming machines.This has not happened, though. Lower-end gaming laptops are still pretty expensive, and the £899 Acer Aspire VX 15 is one of the most affordable, sitting next to models like the Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming. For the price you get [...]

OnePlus 5 review

OnePlus just graduated. It’s no longer in the second division, pushing for the big time. The OnePlus 5 is technically brilliant and is the natural product of the last three years for the company.From 2014’s OnePlus One to today, these phones have shown mobile tech’s natural progression to where it is now. The only thing is, when you release a phone every few months there is only so much you can change. The OnePlus 5 is an exquisitely designed, high-spec [...]

HTC U11 vs iPhone 7 review

HTC has released its 2017 flagship, the U11. Here we compare it to Apple’s latest, the iPhone 7 to help you decide which you should buy.Also read our in-depth reviews of the HTC U11 and iPhone 7, and our comparison of the U11 vs LG G6. Which phone is cheaper? At launch, the iPhone 7, in its smallest 32GB guise, cost £599 (US$649). Add £100 or US$100 if you want 128GB of storage, and the same again for 256GB. You can now [...]

Sphero Spider-Man review

Sphero is best known for its series of remote-controlled, app-enabled spheres (the clue's in the name), toys which saw it handed the lucrative opportunity to build a real-life BB-8 droid from Star Wars to tie in with The Force Awakens.That partnership with Disney saw Sphero branch out into its first non-sphere earlier this year, the brilliant remote-controlled Ultimate Lightning McQueen from Pixar's Cars, and now the company has gone one step further: its latest tie-in, Spider-Man, isn't a sphere, [...]

TrackR Bravo review

Bluetooth tracking gadgets can be a big timesaver. With the TrackR Bravo, you attach a key-ring sized fob to something valuable to you: your keys, your bike or your wallet. When you can't find the item, you check the app to see where it was last seen and when you're in that location, you can activate a siren to make it easier to find. See also: Tile (2nd-gen) reviewI originally reviewed the Bravo at the start of 2016. Since [...]

Xbox One X preview

Microsoft officially unveiled the One X at E3 2017, calling it “the most powerful console ever”. That may be – you’d expect it be better than everything before it – but will it actually be any good?From a hardware perspective, yes. But as for the games lineup, things aren’t so clear cut. Here’s the price, release date and specs at a glance (but see our news roundup for the very latest details and deals) Xbox One X Release date 7 November 2017 Price £449.99 / [...]

Chillblast Apollo 15.6 review

Chillblast lets you customise its gaming laptops more than just about any of the big names. So you can get the specifications you want and will sometimes pay less, too.What you don’t get is the very recognisable style of some big-brand models and, on occasion, worse build quality. There’s no huge build sacrifice here, though, and the Chillblast Apollo has a much better screen than the alternatives we’ve looked at recently from Acer and Dell. And from where we’re sitting, that’s more [...]