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Fitbit Alta review: fashion meets fitness

The Fitbit Alta is a slim and stylish activity tracker that has an informative display and a range of fitness functions but lacks some of the more serious sports features found in Fitbit’s higher-level activity trackers.It’s fashionable with a lot of dress-up accessories but still a serious piece of fitness kit that will help you improve your health both active and asleep. It's also much more discreet than the larger colour-screen Fitbit Blaze. The Alta measures Steps, Calories Burned and [...]

Huawei Band 2 Pro Review

With a variety of fitness trackers on the market sold at a range of prices, it’s important to assess functionality and performance rather than buying the cheapest option.I mean we all want to get our money’s worth, right? At £79.99 ($69.99 USD), the Huawei Band 2 Pro is considerably less expensive than its pricier counterparts, in addition to offering features such as GPS tracking, heart monitoring, sleep analysis, waterproofing and a built-in breathing and sports coach. We put the Huawei Band [...]

Anker PowerCore II review

Anker PowerCore II review Anker has unveiled a new line of power banks that builds in its PowerIQ 2.0 technology, allowing them to offer up to 18W fast charging from a single chipset when most QC3.0 power banks (including others in Anker's own product family) need at least two charging chips. (See our Best power banks group test.) Though you might not notice the difference when compared to any other QC 3.0 power bank, by reducing the number of chips PowerIQ [...]

Jabra Elite Sport review

As the demand for wireless headphones increases, so does the popularity of wireless earbuds. Some are made especially for fitness and this pair even has a heart rate monitor. Here’s our Jabra Elite Sport review.The firm is claiming these headphones are ‘the most technically advanced true wireless sport earbuds’. That’s fairly specific and the word ‘true’ in the area of the market means there are no wires whatsoever. Jabra Elite Sport: Price You’re not going to get technically advanced headphones for [...]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War review

Tolkienistas, rejoice! Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to 2014’s Shadow of War, is now available to buy in the UK. Following from the events of the first game, Talion is once again tasked with thinning the ranks Sauron’s orc forces in a stunningly gory fashion.But has Warner Bros. done enough to get the approval of Lord of the Rings fans and cement its place as one of the best games of 2017? We’ve spent some time roaming around [...]

Pixelbook vs Surface

So you want a sleek, lightweight laptop and money is no object? You have plenty of choice, but among the thinnest and lightest ultraportables are the Google Pixelbook and Microsoft Surface Laptop.Microsoft also has other devices in its Surface range including the Surface Pro and Surface Book. Here we’ll explain how these gadgets differ and which is the best choice for you. Pixelbook vs Surface Laptop Google calls the Pixelbook a 4-in-1 device, but in reality it’s pretty much the same as [...]

Amazon Fire HD 10 review (2017)

The 10in Fire is the last of Amazon’s tablets to get its 2017 update, but last doesn’t mean least. The changes are much more significant than the £49.99 7in model.Now you get a full HD screen, a noticeably faster processor, more RAM, better speakers and hands-free Alexa. If your only experience of Alexa was on a device where you have to press a button before you can speak then the difference in convenience is huge. Even if the tablet is [...]

Asus ZenBook UX410 review

The Asus ZenBook UX410 is what you get when you cross a practical laptop with a super-sleek Ultrabook. You get the gorgeous thin and portable design of an aluminium Ultrabook combined with the practicality and performance of a standard (chunky) laptop.But does the mid-range price-tag reflect the quality and performance of the Asus ZenBook UX410? We’ve spent some time with the laptop, and here’s what we think. Asus ZenBook UX410: UK pricing and availability The Asus ZenBook UX410 is readily available [...]

Kobo Aura One review

Amazon has achieved in the eReader market what Google has done for search engines: made itself generic. To the average member of the public, buying a Kindle is a general intention, not a buying decision. But it is a decision, and there are alternatives, from companies such as Kobo. In this article we review the Kobo Aura One, a large-screen eReader with exceptional water-resistance and good night-time reading features. Design & build quality The Aura One is a plain, somewhat generic-looking, slightly [...]

PlayStation VR review

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has been a talking point ever since it was first revealed in 2014, boasting the ability to provide a great VR experience without the need for a high-end PC.In fact, the PlayStation VR headset is compatible with any of the millions of PS4s around the world, along with the slimline PS4 and of course, the PS4 Pro. After over two years of waiting, the PlayStation VR headset is finally here. I’ve spent some time with Sony’s PlayStation VR, and here’s what I experienced. PlayStation [...]